On the Bright Side

Well hello!  I had a wonderful trip back home and now I don’t know where to begin with this week!  It’s going to be a busy one.  But let me just reflect on some fun times before I’m sitting in the doctor’s office waving my 99% healed elbow in everyone’s face. 

Pumpkins!  October is the best! Image

My niece, Lucy, is growing up too fast! Image

My mom thought this was a beautiful leaf.  And it sure is!  “Don’t get me in the picture!”


Max and I got caught in a major thunderstorm after stopping by a brewery.


We were trapped.


Until the lightning and thunder stopped and we decided it was safe enough to run.  In the pouring rain.  Nothing worse than wet, rainy jeans. 


We celebrated with my brother and his fiancé Elise, post rain shower.  


I really didn’t take many photos while I was home.  I enjoyed the majority of it without capturing it.  Mostly all the food I had been missing so much!  It’s sooooo nice to be back in Seattle though!  It’s incredible when you step off the plane and notice the difference in fresh air.  Here’s to a nice, rainy day with no plans to run in it anytime soon…

I’ll be back when I’m back.  

With love, 




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