On the bright side

Holy moly, this was an exhausting weekend!   We went to a music festival just a few blocks away from our apartment and it was…wonderful.  Well, parts of it.  You see, once you get by the people dressed as zombies and the girls in sports bra fashion, you make it to the show you want to see and everything is pretty good after that.  I wish I could tell you differently,  but that was what was happening this weekend.  To be perfectly honest, the comedy at this music festival was actually the very best part.  Not to mention you are seated in an air-conditioned seat in a theater instead of outside in the heat with 12 year olds dressed like they are from the 70s.  You take what you can, folks.  All in all, we had fun…but it took some strategy. 



Hope you all had a great weekend! 

With love, 




One thought on “On the bright side

  1. jumk1111@mchsi.com says:

    I love the pics… the cloud one is amazing!

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