Don’t even get me started over here.  I’ve gone and broken my darn elbow.  It is not something that I can describe as being comfortable or fun, but it is broken and I cannot change that.  All I can do is follow orders from hand doctors (?).  But really.  It’s absolutely awful.  Thankfully the pain has come and gone and now I just have a cast to remind me of how uncomfortable my life will be for awhile.  In the grand scheme of things…it will be a short while.  I didn’t injure my brain.  I didn’t break my heart.  I simply broke a bone.

So here I am.  Typing because I have angled my arm so that I am capable of typing to tell you that this sucks!  And I will be cooking a lot more but it will take me a bit longer.  And I will be taking pictures but they won’t be as easy to snap.  And I will be teaching Max how to put my hair in a ponytail because the first try ended with me leaving my hair down…luckily we have time.

It is a major pain…but it could be worse, huh?

With love,



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