Mañana Mule

ImageLet’s have a drink together.  Mañana.  Or today.  I mean, whenever.  I like beer mostly.  Wine is definitely next.  But then occasionally, I’ll have a cocktail-y drink.  I like to keep it pretty simple.  Moscow mules have vodka but my vodka days have come and gone at the old age of 24.  So I made it with tequila and renamed it because I was that bored.  Image


Alcoholic beverages aside, can we discuss ginger beer?  If you like ginger…you need to be drinking this stuff!  You actually have to love ginger because it’s pretty strong.  It does not have alcohol in it and is not actual beer.  It’s the sister of root beer…without all the burps.  

So here’s a sort of thrown together mix of flavors—alter as you please!   You may want more ginger beer, less lime juice, more tequila, orrrrrr…….only ice?

Mañana Mule

Makes 1 drink


2 oz tequila

4 ounces ginger beer

1-2 ounces fresh lime juice



Combine all ingredients in one glass.  Stir.  Add lime slices for garnish.  Drink up!  

(I think I’ll add jalapeño slices next time to spice it up!)


With love, 


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