Ice Cream S’mores


Hello there.  Somehow we ended up with two boxes of graham crackers and it’s not like I eat those all the time, so I decided to create my own s’more.  Except, I think ice cream is way better than a marshmallow.  If you can’t live without the marshmallow, feel free to add it.  Freedom of choice.  


I used Hershey’s almond chocolate bars.  All you have to do is heat them on top of a graham cracker and smooth them out.  Then freeze for 20 minutes.  The almond adds a great little crunch! 


Ice Cream S’mores

Make as many as you would like!


Graham cracker sheets, halved

1 square of chocolate on half of the graham crackers, melted in the microwave or double broiler and spread evenly

Vanilla ice cream, or any variety


Once your melted chocolate has hardened in the freezer, make a s’more!  Add a scoop of ice cream and gently place the other graham on top.  Easy as that!  Enjoy!

With love, 



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