On the bright side

Well, things are busy as usual.  There are so many fun things to do in the summer!  Especially when it hasn’t rained in like…two months (or so it seems).  Although, I do sort of miss a little refreshing rain.  Except, I’m glad it wasn’t around for a couple concerts we have attended lately. 


ImageThis weekend I bumped into my favorite chef in Seattle and debated with Max for moments whether it would be “super uncool” of me to ask for a picture.  I know he is pretty easygoing but then you think about people who just may not want to be bothered.  Ultimately, we decided it was okay because you may not bump into Tom Douglas on another occasion.  Luckily, a few other girls had the same idea and I just followed up on their “super uncool” idea.  Obviously he was very nice about it.  Even gave me a couple pats on the back as I said “thank you!!”  Yes, I was a little starstruck.  NERD ALERT.  Later, I realized that his hand isn’t even touching my left arm.  TOM!  I’ll have to be happy enough with the pats on the back.  I think we are good friends. 

ImageMonday movie night proved to be absolutely sensational.

ImageWith love, 






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