Watermelon Salad with Feta and Serrano Chili Vinaigrette


You guys.  What can I say?  This recipe was found in People magazine by Max’s mom and I adapted it slightly.  All I can say is…it’s so flavorful and has the perfect kick.  I will be making this a LOT.  I wouldn’t necessarily be drawn to making a salad and throwing chunks of watermelon in it. Because it’s so…watery.  Obviously.  But making the watermelon and feta the main part of the salad on top of a bed of arugula and spinach is a better idea.  Maybe it sounds like the same thing but I assure you it’s not a lettuce-y salad with watermelon.  It’s a watermelon-y salad with a handful of lettuce.  With me?  Let’s go! Image


Watermelon Salad with Feta and Serrano Chili Vinaigrette

Adapted from Hugh Acheson’s recipe in People Magazine

Serves 4


1/2 cup olive oil

1 to 2 serrano chilies, thinly sliced and divided

1 Tbsp fresh lime juice

1 Tbsp red wine vinegar

1 shallot, minced

1 1/2 tsp chopped fresh thyme 

3/4 tsp salt, divided

1 medium seedless watermelon, peeled

4 ounces spinach and arugula, mixed

18 ounce block feta


Combine olive oil with half of chilies, lime juice, red wine vinegar, shallot, 1/4 tsp salt, and thyme in a jar and shake well.  Set aside.

Cut watermelon into 16 3-inch squares (mine were more rectangular, but who cares…), approximately 3/4 inch thick.  Combine watermelon, spinach and arugula, and remaining chilies in a large bowl.  Toss gently with half of vinaigrette.  Sprinkle with remaining salt.  

Cut feta in 12 3-inch squares approximately 1/8-inch thick.  You can make the feta thicker but I like a thin layer.  Divide spinach and arugula mixture among 4 plates.  Stack 1 slice of melon and 1 slice of feta on top of greens.  Repeat using all the melon and feta.  

Garnish salads with dressed serrano slices and additional vinaigrette.  Serve immediately.  


With love, 



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