On the bright side

I have lots of photos today!  Probably because I did more in the past week than I do most weeks.  And it’s going to keep getting busier!  But there is always time for photos, I believe.  

{Teardrop windows}Image


{Hello friend}


{My new ride}



{Love this}


{We spent the weekend watching the Mariners v. Cubs series.  The Mariners won the first game and that’s all I can say.}Image

{An empty beer}


{And the first ever fireworks show at Safeco!  Yes, we are behind the times…but it was cool!}Image

{The next game was turn back the clock day.  Both teams wore uniforms that were made to look like the ones they wore in 1909.  And the Mariners were called the Turks?  I don’t know.  I just went with it.  The scoreboard was black and white during replays and the announcer spoke in a cool voice through a megaphone.  Can’t all games be like this?  We managed to get a picture representing the times…T Mobile was so popular in the early 1900s.}Image

{It was so hot.  And sunny.  And shadows were everywhere.}Image

{Ferris Wheel}



{The people we had to share a ferris wheel with almost had a heart attack.  They asked if they could not sit with us.  The ferris wheel man said “Absoluuuutely…not.”  We all survived in the end}


{Help Max!}


{Until next week…}


With love, 




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