On the bright side


{I adore this building.  No idea what is on the inside, but the outside is so unique.  I know, I can be so superficial sometimes.  It’s what’s on the inside, right?  But look at the perfect imperfections!}Image

{Max and I take a lot a lot of walks.  Last week I didn’t have to work one day and we enjoyed the fresh air just before the sunset.  Well, it sets at like 9:40 pm here so it was a little before that…but it’s incredible how long that sun shines.  It’s also incredible how many people are outside when it shines.  Like there is this huge happy cloud coating this city.  Everyone is cheerful.  Well, most are cheerful.  I’m just being optimistic, okay?}Image

{Golden Gardens Park is a beaut (byoot).  Olympic Mountains and water.  And whoa!  Millions of families with picnics galore.  And whoa!  Max.}  Image


{    :- )    }


{Plant shopping is tough.}Image

Take care. 

With love, 




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