Foodless Monday

Life has been pretty scattered these days.  Sorry for not filling your life with more food posts!  I’m working on it, I promise!  But sometimes you just want to make Pad Thai and well, I’ve shared that already.  Guess what I was supposed to do this weekend?  Run a marathon.  Yep, signed up and then life became scattered like usual, and here I am.  Sitting in my apartment with an 80 dollar voucher for next year’s race.  Oops!  At least it’s on an island.  That’s enticing.  🙂 But I’ll bet you those 80 dollars I forget all about it.  

Now here we are.  You, sick of not reading about food.  Me, sick of being scatter-brained.  It’s all too much.  Can we just get together and make food and take mental photos and laugh as we stuff our bellies full of this?  That would be so fun.  

So what do we talk about?  Movies?  Yeah, movies.  I haven’t seen like 5 that I want to see and I don’t even know if they are still in theaters.  You can tell movies are a top priority for me.  

Weather?  Always a good fall back.  “So….how’s the weather over there?”  “Oh it’s been nice.  Cloudy sometimes.  Not much rain.”  “Oh yeah, same thing happening here.”  “Cool…”

Kim and Kanye’s baby?  Not into it.  She was five weeks early so I’m just happy Kanye became a father just in time for Father’s Day.  World’s Greatest Dad?

Did you believe me when I said I’m scattered?  Oh my my.  I hope you all have a great Monday and start this week off well.  I hope you understand if I’m only posting a few recipes a week. 


With love, 




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