I’m still in shock.  The events that happened at the Boston Marathon today have me sad, angry, disappointed, and lost.  While the day was seemingly normal, no one could have predicted this mess.  Runners had crossed the finish line.  Runners had achieved Personal Records.  Runners had just gotten to mile 20.  Families and friends were keeping their spirits high until that final stride was taken across the line.  No one ever deserves a tragedy.  This could have happened anywhere.  The intent seemed clear, nonetheless, but what do I know?  I’m sifting through the endless questions, as you are, and I know the answers will be ones that I would rather not hear.

The Boston Marathon is in the United States, but the bonding experience is shared among many countries.  Over 27,000 runners put their hearts and souls into this moment only to have tragedy strike in a city so full of excitement and triumph.  It’s not fair.  It never is.

I’m not writing this because I run marathons.  I’m writing this because I’m sad about all of this no matter what city, sport, or attack.  I’m writing this because I wish for more love.  I’m writing this because although the Boston Marathon was a bonding experience in and of itself, we must all bond now.  I’m writing this because I don’t know how to speak my feelings at the moment, but my fingers know how to type them.  I’m writing this because I wish it would all go away.  I’m writing this because this world is scary.  I’m writing this because life is too short and I’m thankful for my near and dear ones to be safe on a daily basis.  I’m writing this to say I love you.

With love,


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One thought on “Devastation

  1. says:

    LOVE you back… forever.

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