Rub with Love

Wait…what?  Typo?  Nope!  If you aren’t from around here, and even if you are, I clearly named my blog as a play on a restaurant shack name.  It’s called a shack except it’s not gross or dirty or smelly.  Rub with Love is a Tom Douglas restaurant.  Tom Douglas is a very famous man here, but also among chefs in this big world.  He has like 70 restaurants in Seattle.  That’s a lie, but there are tons.  I have yet to eat at all of them, but it is on my “While I’m Living in Seattle” list.  He is a smart man.  I wish we were friends.  And had dinner parties (at his house, of course).  He’ll probably see this cry for friendship when he sits down during his day to catch up on my blog.  Err…right?

Anyway, we went yesterday before the Mariners game and I thought I’d share the trip.  Now you know why it’s Grub with Love.  Whew!  Glad I let that secret out.  Kidding…it’s no secret. I want you to know EVERYTHING!  Or at least why I named the blog.  And then go read Grub with Love while you eat at Rub with Love!  Although, I am not entirely sure you will find Wi-Fi…ImageObviously there are TONS of rubs.  Hence, rub with love.  When you step into the shack, you see plenty of rubs and can sample any or all of them!  I tried a couple.  A little salty when they aren’t on anything, but I can’t complain!  Very flavorful.ImageImageI went with the Salmon Burger (which happens to be the only sandwich I can eat out of the list of four on the menu).  The burger was so fresh and was topped with pickled tomatoes and lettuce (I don’t like tartar sauce, but it’s there for you if you want it).  Did I mention it’s only $7.50?  They also make salads.  ImageIt was. so. good. oh. my. heavens.ImageWe sat outside since the seating inside is limited, but it was a nice evening.  Perfect to watch people walk by the market with their fresh flowers and cups of Beecher’s macaroni and cheese. ImageImageSo that’s my story.  When you visit, I would like to take you here.  And every other Tom Douglas restaurant.  Including his home, since we’ll be besties by then.

With love,


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