Kale Salad with Grapefruit and Avocado


Hi there.  Kale here.  Again.  I hope you haven’t forgotten about me!

This salad is a bit different than my last kale salad but I think it’s worth giving it a try!  The flavors are so refreshing and light.  I can’t get enough.  It’s so good.  And the dressing recipe makes a lot so you can have leftovers!

In other news, it’s already Thursday!  And I have a Mariners game to go to this evening!  I’m pretty excited.  Mostly because there is a roof over that field.  Boy, has it been a rainin’!

Enjoy your day and enjoy some kale!  Ugh.  I’m such a loser.


Kale Salad with Grapefruit and Avocados

Adapted from Eat, Live, Run

Makes 1 large salad


1 bunch of lacinato kale, washed and roughly chopped

2 grapefruits, sections removed and roughly chopped from 1, the other will be used for dressing

3 Tbsp olive oil

1/2 avocado, diced

2 Tbsp slivered almonds




Combine the juice of one grapefruit with olive oil, salt and pepper.  Stir until well combined.  You may need to add more olive oil if you got a juicy grapefruit.  Or, don’t use the entire grapefruit for the juice.  You’ll be able to notice a good dressing consistency.

In a large bowl, add kale, grapefruit sections, avocado, and almonds.  Mix well.  Drizzle enough dressing over the salad until it has coated the kale.  Save the leftover dressing for another salad!

With love,


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