English Muffin Pizza

Happy Monday to you all!  It’s time to share one of my favorite childhood staple meals.  English muffin pizzas can be made however you would like, but I’m just giving you the idea.  It simplifies dinner and it’s done within 10 minutes, including prep time!  Growing up, my mom would just make cheese pizzas (since I was boring as ever) but I spruced them up a little as I got older.  Add whatever ingredients you have on hand!  Monday night’s dinner got a whole lot easier!


English Muffin Pizzas

Makes 10 little pizzas


1 bag whole wheat English muffins, split in half

Shredded Mozzarella mixed with a handful of grated Parmesan Cheese

Pizza sauce

(additional veggies or meat—I used green peppers, garlic, and shallots this time)


Turn your broiler on high.  Place pizzas under the broiler until the cheese has browned on the top.  3-5 minutes.

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