Parading Around Portland

We hopped down to Portland this weekend to enjoy delicious food, beer, and sights.  I love that Portland is so close to Seattle.  Seattle is in the perfect location so if you need to drive north to Vancouver, you can and if you need to drive south to Portland, you can!  And that’s just what we decided to do.  With our friend Brian in town, it was essential to check out as much as possible.

Portland is pretty unique, like Seattle, and offers a lot to take in.  People there don’t really…care?  These cities make me laugh.  If you are worried about looking stylish, you are fooling yourself.  No one cares.  Max talked to the barber the other day about style in Seattle and she said she has seen someone wearing a tube top and someone wearing shorts…at a funeral.  I’m still not sure why I got really into fashion when I started living in Seattle…I could be fine with a pair of sweats and a Nirvana t-shirt…

So  I’m sharing my weekend photos from my phone.  I hope you enjoy!  ImageDowntown faces.  Beauties.ImageWe went on a brewery tour of HUB.  All of their beer is organic (surprise, surprise), but it was a super interesting tour.  I learned a lot about sustainability and malting. ImageVooDoo doughnuts.  A must when you are in Portland.  There is always a line.  Here’s a tip: go to the other location that is not downtown!  We went to both…ImageMaple bacon doughnuts for the bacon lovers. ImageWe also saw a show.  Hey Marseilles is so delightful and I was glad that I finally got to see them!  They are from Seattle, too.  Just lovely.ImageWe got lost in Powell’s.  I wanted to buy the store.  ImageThis moves if you push the bottom of it.  Scary.ImageSo grateful for him.ImageSo grateful for her.ImageStairs at Powell’s.ImageSecond trip to VooDoo.  This is only the top layer.ImageMultnomah Falls are a sight to see when you go to Portland because it’s just 30 miles east.  This wasn’t actually Multnomah, but another fall I cannot remember…sorry about that! ImageAnd that wraps up our trip!  Until next time…

With love,


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2 thoughts on “Parading Around Portland

  1. Grandma V. says:

    Loved your pictures, especially the one of you and Max!

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